How Businesses Benefit from Content Insertion in Their Wi-Fi Networks


With Wi-Fi access to the Internet expected by users everywhere, wireless networks are now one of the most popular and important ways for enterprises to connect with their customers. Compared with other approaches towards establishing a contact and then building a relationship, Wi-Fi also has the huge advantage of being actively sought out by users, because it allows them to access the internet without eating their mobile data plans. By providing guest Wi-Fi access and adding their own content insertion, businesses of almost any kind can start reaping several benefits.

Customer and User Engagement

The guest Wi-Fi connectivity that a store, restaurant, air terminal, or any other business offers its customers provides a favorable context for further engagement. Typically, users are within range of the guest Wi-Fi network because they want to shop in the store, eat in the restaurant, take a flight from air terminal, and so on. Content that is relevant and of interest in that situation is likely to be well-received as part of a Wi-Fi connection, and enhance customer engagement with the business concerned.

Customer reaction and response to content inserted into guest Wi-Fi connections (information, advertisements, coupons, feedback forms, etc.) help businesses better understand their captive audience. Content insertion allows simple, straightforward A/B testing to continually improve and better target content for customers. Feedback forms, especially useful for hospitality venues like restaurants and hotels, offer a dual benefit: customers can fill them in as they consume the products and services on offer (one of the best moments to get feedback) and businesses can respond immediately to customer comments and requests (one of the best moments to react to feedback). Read More



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