Guest Wi-Fi on the Move in Transportation


As the world becomes increasingly urban, densely populated areas will face dramatic and seemingly intractable transportation issues. Fifty percent of the global population already lives in cities and, according to the United Nations, that number will approach 70 percent in the next 40 years which will result in the acceleration of mass transit. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, more than three billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices will ship in 2017 joining more than eight billion devices already in use. What does this mean for daily commuters and travelers in general?

If users can move around with their mobile devices, it seems increasingly expected that their Wi-Fi connectivity moved with them as well. Static Wi-Fi hotspots in stores, restaurants, hotels, and other fixed locations cater to user demand for wireless connections at dots on a map. The next stage is to offer Wi-Fi or guest Wi-Fi capability along the travel lines that join up those dots. Read More



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