The Importance of Simplicity in Deploying Guest Wi-Fi for SMBs


The increasing use of technology in the workplace has been a great boost for productivity including for small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, the reliance on an ever-changing technology is contributing to fast-paced work environments with more complexity, interruptions and multitasking. These job conditions are often associated with stressful work environments. To alleviate the burden of adding more complexity in their lives, SMBs require simple to deploy, simple to use IT solutions including guest Wi-Fi.

For SMBs, there are three key criteria for choosing the right guest Wi-Fi platform: it should only require minimal time and effort to use, it must provide the right features, and it must offer a high-quality end-user experience. These conditions apply to any solution that SMBs are planning to adopt, and specifically to deployment and management in guest Wi-Fi networks. Read More


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